Dr. Bruce Janke and Dr. Steven Naide
East Coast Orthopaedics
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East Coast Orthopaedics

About the Practice

Dr. Bruce Janke, Dr. Steven Naide,
Dr. John Malloy

Dr. Janke and Dr. Naide Performing an Anterior Hip Replacement Using the Hana® Table
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Dr. Janke and Dr. Naide on Dateline: Health
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Dr. Steven Naide on Be You Radio
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Spotlight on Seniors Featuring Dr. Janke
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Comprehensive Orthopaedic Care
in South Florida

East Coast Orthopaedics is devoted to the care and treatment of the musculoskeletal system. This includes treatment of the bones, joints, spine, ligaments and muscles as well as the treatment of arthritis. Our goal is to provide you with comprehensive care in hip surgery, arthroscopic knee and shoulder surgery, ligament reconstruction, sports medicine, joint replacement, spine surgery and fracture care. Our services include all aspects of complex orthopaedic care and trauma surgery.

The goal of East Coast Orthopaedics is to offer our patients relief from pain and return to the normal activities of daily living. Dr. Bruce E. Janke, Dr. Steven E. Naide and Dr. John P. Malloy, IV provide a full spectrum of Orthopaedic services to patients in South Florida and across the country which include:

Specializing in Total Joint Replacement

Computer-Assisted Knee Replacement Surgery

Tremendous advances have been made in partial and total joint replacement surgery, making it a viable option for a greater number of people than ever before.

Dr. Janke and Dr. Naide utilize computer-assisted technology to perform total knee replacement surgery. This advanced technique enhances results and recovery of a total knee replacement by providing more accurate placement and alignment of implants.

Anterior Approach to Hip Replacement Surgery

Dr. Janke and Dr. Naide are among a very exclusive group of surgeons nationwide offering the anterior approach to hip replacement surgery. They are the first – and most experienced surgeons located in South Florida, who are trained to perform Direct Anterior Approach hip replacement surgery utilizing the specially designed Hana table.

The anterior surgical approach, done with patients lying on their back, uses a small incision and avoids cutting of any muscles. This approach allows for a more rapid recovery process and therefore a quicker return to normal activity. A patient’s recovery is further enhanced by the elimination of post-operative restrictions that are associated with traditional hip replacement surgery. Benefits include:

  • Quicker Return to Normal Activities
  • No Post-Operative Restrictions
  • Smaller Incision
  • No Muscle Cutting
  • Faster Recovery

Expertise in Sports Medicine

East Coast Orthopaedics offers the best total care for patients suffering from sports-related injuries. Our experienced surgeons provide a total approach to treatment using the most advanced techniques in arthroscopic surgery. Patients receive personalized treatment and recovery plans including physical therapy and training recommendations.

Spine Care

Dr. Malloy, Fellowship Trained in Advanced Spine Reconstruction at John Hopkins University, specializes in the treatment of cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine degenerative conditions. These conditions include: stenosis, herniated discs, compression fractures, degenerative spinal disorders and scoliosis. Dr. Malloy specializes in less invasive spine surgery techniques, which is an advantage to his patients.

The surgeons at East Coast Orthopaedics can serve the needs of all patients with joint, bone, muscular and spine conditions.

East Coast Orthopaedics is happy to be affiliated with the following hospitals: