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Broward Health Offers Innovative Procedure for Hip Replacement

Approximately 375,000 Americans undergo hip replacement surgery each year. This number probably will double over the next 25 years due in part to the aging population. Now, patients in Broward County can look forward to a quick recovery with few restrictions due to a less invasive procedure called ‘anterior hip replacement surgery.’

Experienced surgeons at Broward Health North Broward Medical Center perform anterior hip replacement surgery with the use of the Hana Table, a specially designed surgical table that allows the surgeon to replace the hip without detachment of the muscle from the hip or thigh bones. The most important muscles for hip function—the gluteal muscles that attach to the pelvis and femur—are left undisturbed and therefore do not require a healing process. By not disturbing these muscles, as with the other approaches, patients can expect a quicker recovery, including less pain, minimal scarring, a shorter hospital stay, more accurate leg length control, and an overall quicker recovery in order to return to normal activities.

The anterior approach allows patients to immediately bend their hip freely and bear full weight when comfortable, resulting in a more rapid return to normal function. After surgery, patients use their hip normally without cumbersome restrictions. In supervised therapy, patients go up and down stairs before their hospital release.

Anterior hip replacement surgery is particularly beneficial for patients suffering with arthritis, hip pain, and stiffness. Patients receiving the anteri- Broward Health Offers Innovative Procedure for or hip replacement experience no post-op dislocation precautions, zero to minimal post-op rehab, reduced post-op pain medication, no restriction of post-op activity, immediate use of normal toilet height, no post-op abduction pillow (between the knees) required, cross legs as desired, no shoe lift requirements, and no post-op sexual activity limitations.

This procedure has been done in Europe for many years and in the US for about 10 years. For more information on anterior hip replacement surgery, or a free physician referral, call the Broward Health Line at 954-759-7400 or visit

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