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Video Testimonials

  • Kay Lines was a nurse who had back and knee pain and was unable to participate in the things that she enjoyed like athletics or dancing because she was in severe pain.

    “I just wanted to feel normal.”

    When she finally decided to have her hips replaced, she became a patient of Dr. Janke, who preformed both of her replacements. Her recovery went well and she is back to swimming, hiking, and biking.

  • Balbino Rodriguez had a hip replacement that was prompted by a family trip with his family to Europe were his pain made the trip almost unbearable. After visiting one orthopedic surgeon, Rodriguez decided to do more research and found Dr. Janke.

    “My life has gone back to normal. I am enjoying the lifestyle I had before the pain and that, to me, is extremely important.”

    After the surgery, Rodriguez’s pain was completely gone. One month after the surgery, he and his family went to Shanghai and the World’s Fair. Even after a very long flight and many miles of walking, Rodriguez remained pain free.

  • “I can say that for the first time in about 4 to 5 years, I have zero pain. And it’s incredible.”

    Marilyn Ounjuan first thought that her pain and problem was her back. She sought out a spine specialist, who sent her to a spine surgeon where the solution was to perform a laminectomy with fusion. She was told that after the surgery, her pain should be 90% better. However, her pain got worse and she became dependent on pain medication.

    After months of debilitating pain, Marilyn went to another spine surgeon who told her it was never her back – it was her hip that was causing her such pain. She was referred to Dr. Naide and had both hips replaced. She was wearing high heels, walking and biking only 8 weeks after the second surgery.

  • John Hawley

    John Hawley had originally thought he had a problem with his lower back with pain coming from a sciatic nerve. He found out that his pain really stemmed from avascular necrosis of his hip.

    “From day one after the surgery, there was no pain.”

    After talking to Dr. Janke, John decided to have an anterior hip replacement which relieved his pain completely.

    Marlene Scott

    “Everyday gets better and better.”

    When an MRI prompted by her chiropractor showed that she had avascular necrosis (AVN), Marlene’s only choice was hip replacement. By a stroke of luck, she ran into a former patient of Dr. Janke’s who recommended him and East Coast Orthopedics.

  • “I have never felt better in my life.”

    Beth Hickman, a director at a pre-school, needed two hips replaced for 25 years and her quality of life suffered tremendously. After one fall too many, Beth went to a lecture held by Dr. Janke and Dr. Naide and knew she needed to move forward with hip replacement.

  • “I’m here to tell you, that the anterior way is the way to go.”

    Richard had surgery 2 weeks from the date of this video and wanted to make sure that those who had questions about what to expect before and after hip replacement surgery were able to see for themselves how life changing his experience was.