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Dr. Naide is an amazing doctor.

Prior to seeing Dr. Naide, I didn’t believe that I would be able to live without pain again. It hurt to do just about everything. Dr. Naide performed anterior hip replacement surgery just before Christmas 2011 and three weeks later, not only did I attend a wedding, but I danced all night long (in heels).

I didn’t realize just how badly I had been feeling until I was no longer in pain. I had been unable to climb stairs, step off a curb, go from sitting to standing or get in or out of a car without first steeling myself against the pain and waiting a moment or two before proceeding. Simply put, I was no longer able to comfortably perform day to day activities. In addition, because I was limping and trying to compensate for the pain, I was putting stress on my back and knees causing them to ache. 

Now, without thinking about any of these actions I just do them. I AM PAIN FREE! Dr. Naide not only changed my life, he gave me back pain free mobility. I am so happy that I finally gave into my state of denial and went ahead with the surgery!

Dr. Naide is an amazing doctor; he is gifted, he is kind, and he is caring. The office staff is fantastic and always available and the hospital staff was unbelievable. All in all, it has been a positive experience with just a few days of discomfort.

Thank you, Dr. Naide!!!!

Paula J.
Boca Raton, Florida

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