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Dear Dr. Bruce Janke,

I wanted to put in writing how appreciative I am of the amazing anterior hip replacement surgery you performed on me on October 18, 2010.

When I realized that the pain and discomfort I was experiencing, plus not being able to walk without limping and not being able to sleep meant that I needed hip replacement surgery, I researched very extensively all the options that were available. Your name and the procedure you perform is the one I chose. GREAT DECISION.

I went home on the 4th day after surgery with minimal restrictions; used a walker for 2 weeks and a cane for 2 1/2 days; no physical therapy other than walking and several exercises to do at home that took 20 minutes. Also, went back to work 3 weeks after surgery. When I was concerned about discomfort that I was experiencing (not pain), you assured me that it would pass and you were right! It is now 7 weeks since surgery; I sleep at night, I walk without limping, and I drove 2 weeks after surgery. I can actually bend down, or lift my leg to put socks on and tie shoelaces — unbelievable.

Friends and family are astonished when they see me walking without a limp in such a short period of time after surgery. So thank you so much for your expertise, your dedication and your commitment to ensuring the best outcome for your patients.

Best Regards,
Rita E.

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