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We love to hear back from our patients! After his first surgery, this patient returned to have his other hip replaced with Dr. Janke as well. Many of our patients return for other replacements with us after a successful joint surgery. Right, left, or bilateral, we are here for you!  

Dear Dr. Janke, 

In January of 2018, I had my second hip replacement surgery (my right) after having great results with my first in October 2017. I believe the second one was even easier because I knew exactly what to expect. My recovery is a testament to you and your staff’s unwavering and highly professional skill, support, and kindness. Your office and facility in Broward North is overflowing with an attentive, courteous, and comforting staff who know how to anticipate the needs of their patients. You and your staff were excellent listeners and gave me the strength to recover. I was an ordinary patient but you all took extraordinary care of me and for that I am eternally grateful. 

I am happy to report that there was never any pain or real discomfort during my hospital stay or at home during the recovery period. I found your advice to just walk and use the pool as therapy to be extremely effective in my speedy recovery. After twelve weeks I began playing tennis with a greater ability to run than many years earlier. In fact, I now have the dexterity to turn correctly and hit shots that were often difficult for me before both surgeries. Many members of my community find it hard to believe I can play so well after two surgeries. If I win any tennis tournaments around here, I will put your name next to mine on the trophy! 

Thank you for the opportunity to live a blissful and active life. I cannot tell you how much your professionalism and friendship mean to me. I count myself blessed to know you. 

-L. K.