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At 78 years of age, I knew the time had come to have my left hip replaced after over a year of suffering and apprehension. The first orthopedic surgeon to whom I was referred explained that along with all the adverse effects the surgery could have, he also said that if I were to put my leg out to the side it might result in hip displacement and necessitate being in a cast for several months. When I asked about the new approach I had read about that would eliminate this problem, he said that I would have to be cut anyway and he left his office.

I had to change my HMO carrier to Humana and a primary care physician who could provide a referral to another surgeon. I was fortunate enough to be referred to Dr. Steven Naide who explained the anterior incision approach to hip replacement surgery he was to start at North Broward Hospital, eliminating cutting through muscle and tendon and providing quicker healing and recovery. I would be the first to use the new surgical table obtained by the hospital for this purpose.

How fortunate I was to be able to select Dr. Naide for this surgery. I was in the hospital 3 days and after mild physical therapy and a few months of limited mobility, I was back to pain-free movement and activities that I had given up due to hip pain.

I would advise anyone who needs hip surgery to have it done by Dr. Naide and get back to normal pain free living.

Betty F.

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