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I’m just so happy with the surgery

Dr. Bruce Janke & Dr. Steven Naide,

Thank you so much for letting me participate in your evening of explaining the anterior hip replacement procedure. I’m just so happy with the surgery and lack of any problems and with the extremely quick recovery. I will continue to promote your procedure to anyone I hear about or see limping. It’s absolutely fabulous!

A Comparison of Procedures

Posterior Anterior
Woke up with pillow wedge between my legs and had to sleep with it that way for several days. Woke up in bed with NO wedge.
Continued to have to sleep on back for several weeks and then used pillow between legs when sleeping on side for nearly 10 months. Was sleeping on non-affected side after three nights. Was sleeping on affected side after 2 weeks.
Lots of stitches and long scar. Stitches had to be removed after 2 weeks – ouch! No stitches, used glue. Much smaller scar and not nearly so ugly.
Needed raised toilet seat and hurt to sit. Needed no raised toilet seat and minimal pain.
Needed walker over 3 weeks and then cane. Used walker to 10 days – no cane.
Drove after about a month. Drove after 12 days.
8 weeks to shave legs. 2 weeks to shave.
10 weeks of physical therapy – 3 times a week. 6 sessions of PT total.
1 hour per day of exercises. 15 minutes a day of exercises.
Minimal walking. Walked ½ mile after 2 ½ weeks.
Legs not quite even. Legs absolutely even.

** My only complaint with the new procedure is that there was very little time to be pampered!

Joanne F.

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