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I had no pain at all after surgery.

Dr. Naide,

My name is Tom Gibbs and I want to tell you of my great experience of my anterior hip replacement. Dr. Naide was my second referral before surgery and I am so happy I waited for him. Before surgery, I went to NBMC for a class about surgery, exercise and post-surgery cleaning of my body. Everybody was great on information about what I was facing. I was glad I went to it. The day of the surgery, I started at 5 AM, arrived at the outpatient floor and was taken to the OR. That was the last I remembered until I came out of recovery. I was put in a bed and then a lounge chair where I stayed with no pain. I had no pain at all after surgery. I went home after 3 days very happy. I had the best surgery of all.

After 2 weeks, I am walking pain free. I do not recommend any other group of people other than East Coast Orthopaedics, NBMC and Dr. Naide.

I had to ask if I was hypnotized for surgery. HAHA!

Thank you,
Tom Gibbs

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