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Total Hip Replacement Surgery (Anterior Approach)

For a quicker recovery, less invasive approach to hip replacement and a chance to return to a full, active lifestyle sooner, the anterior approach is a remarkable option for patients suffering with debilitating hip pain.

Dr. Bruce Janke and Dr. Steven Naide are among a very exclusive group of surgeons nationwide and the most experienced surgeons in South Florida performing the anterior approach to hip replacement. They are the first surgeons in South Florida to use the specially designed Hana table in the operating room. State of the art technology and x-ray guidance is utilized in the operating room and allows for precision guidance and accurate measurement of leg lengths.

Since no muscles are cut during surgery there is a lower risk of hip dislocation. Therefore, Dr. Bruce Janke and Dr. Steven Naide‘s anterior hip replacement patients have no post operative hip restrictions and can return to their everyday bending, sitting or sleeping. Hundreds of East Coast Orthopaedic patients have enjoyed the benefits of anterior hip replacement surgery and their speedy return to a full and active lifestyle. The goal of East Coast Orthopaedics is to improve the quality of life for our patients.

No Post-Operative Restrictions • Faster Recovery • Quicker Return to Normal Activities • No Muscle Cutting • No Post-Operative Restrictions • Smaller Incision than Traditional Hip Replacement Surgery • Less Pain


You’ve suffered long enough. It’s time to change your life and get back to being you again! Call East Coast Orthpaedics today and see if Anterior Approach Total Hip Replacement is right for you – (954) 942-4433.

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