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Before Surgery

Helpful Hints

Make Lists

Making lists can help organize your thoughts and plans during this time. Included here are several ideas for lists you may find helpful.


No doubt you and your family members will have questions regarding your pre-admission, surgical, and post-discharge care. Making a list of these questions will help in assuring that any and all information needed is obtained. Keep the lists with you (perhaps in a notebook) before, during, and after your surgery, so that all of your questions will be answered by the appropriate people involved with your care.


Throughout your preoperative as well as your postoperative care, many people may ask what medicines you take. Be prepared by making a list of all the medicines you take (both prescription and over the counter). Include medicines that you are taking for medical as well as orthopedic reasons. Add to the list any vitamins or nutritional supplements you also may be taking. Be sure to also list any allergies you have to medicines or other substances. Keep this list handy and definitely bring it with you at the time of your pre-admission work-up as well as the day of admission to the hospital.


Depending on where your pre-admission testing is performed, you may have several appointments before your actual admission to the hospital. Pre-admission appointments may include scheduling doctors appointments, lab tests, blood donations, x-ray appointments, and preoperative class appointments. Keep yourself organized by listing the date and time of any appointments necessary and checking them off as they are completed.


Take the time to plan for your care after surgery. Planning and preparing ahead of time will make your experience much more pleasant and productive. By making a list of who and what will be needed to assist you throughout this time, you can be assured that nothing important will be missed. Ideas for planning might include a list of who will be available to assist you to travel to appointments and stay with you after discharge if necessary. The list might also include your plans for home care assistance, meals, and rehabilitation after discharge from the orthopedic unit.