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Today, I have NO limitations!

Dr. Steven Naide,

I find it necessary to send you a written letter of appreciation so you can truly understand how happy I am with the outcome of my hip replacement procedure and my recovery.

After having had one hip replaced over 8 years ago, I was expecting the same outcome, that being a difficult surgery, a painful post-operative stay in the hospital and a long drawn-out rehabilitation and recovery. What a surprise; what an absolute miracle! I was on my feet within 36 hours and out the door in 3 ½ days. I was in a rehab center for another 3 ½ days and sent home with barely the need for a cane, let alone the use of a walker!

They have given me a new lease on life.

As an RN with 32 years experience and pre-surgery coordinator for total joint replacement patients, I am well informed regarding the various approaches and could have chosen any procedure and surgeon for my hip replacement. I selected the Anterior Approach because it has been performed successfully in Europe and the USA for many years and there are no post-surgery precautions.